Samstag, 23. April 2016

Kerouac Was Right

dear friends and gentle hearts, 

a while ago kristian and i were driving to our rehearsal room talking about the ups and downs of our six year band history. though there happened a lot of shit until today - and especially in the first two years - we were actually just talking about the crazy and great moments we went through the past years. 

in the very beginning we once had the plan to be a studio band. no live shows, just record some songs here and then. luckily we failed at that plan so bad. otherwise we wouldn't have 
played so many insane shows, we wouldn't have been to so many great places and cities and the main thing is - we would've never met so many beautiful and lovely people along the way. we really don't take this for granted. 

and since we'd just suck at showing any kind of gratitude any other way: 
here's to you. just listen to 'KEROUAC WAS RIGHT' and download it for free and spread it. 
see you again very soon. go mal einfach for it. 

drunk forever, 
love forever.