somebody loves you is a band from paderborn based in muenster and bremen. the band was founded by kristian m. (vocals) and frederik i. (guitar) in 2010 after seeing austin lucas, cory branan and drag the river raging live in muenster. they released their first full-length 'golgotha' in december 2012. two years later in september 2014 their mini record 'my own ghosts' followed and with it the first tours through germany. after spending some time on the road in dirty bars and small clubs in december 2015 the new ep 'no excitement' came out. a further tour which brought the two guys beyond the bounds of germany to countries such as czechia or france followed. and for the ones who like genres and references: all diy, dark neofolk, bruce springsteen, bon iver, christian kjellvander, mantar. no fascism, sexism, homophobia, religious fanaticism allowed. thanks

photo by flori florensen. thanks!